On My Way Down to Mexico

I started to date this girl about two months ago and I had no idea that she had this trip planned until recently. Apparently it was something that she had planned with a bunch of her friends when she was dating the guy before me. She does not speak too highly of him at the moment. At any rate they looked around for Cabo San Lucas luxury rentals and they found this enormous villa. Of course if it were her and I the idea of renting such a place would be insane for a couple of reasons. Firstly it would cost a fortune and secondly there are two of us and this would be complete overkill. It is about six times the amount of place that two people would need. However it actually makes all sorts of sense when you have a really big group and all of the people involved are kicking in some of the cost of the place.

There are four couples in this and I would say that I am in for my share of that, but the money was apparently paid before I knew a thing about this. So instead they think that I should pay for groceries and they believe that I should cook too, which is not a very big deal to me. I am an executive chef and so cooking for a half dozen people is a veritable vacation for me. It is not like cooking for a hundred and fifty wedding guests. That in fact is not a very big wedding and we have numerous wedding every week at some parts of the year. We feed hundreds and hundreds of people basically every single night of the week, so this is a vacation in a figurative sense and in a literal sense.