I Have Been Running Around for the Boss

It is not as though no one else saw this coming, but the boss seems to be surprised that his wife caught him. Personally I am astonished that no one at the office ratted him out a long time before, he is after all a man with a very aggressive personality and he was lousy at concealing his indiscretions. I spent this morning looking at luxury apartments for Grand Prairie TX. I did not make any decisions, but instead he gave me his priorities and then I crossed some of them off of the list. I took pictures and I figured out how long it would take to get back and forth to the place. It was easy enough and I was okay with it. Of course when I found a place the girl in the black jaguar showed up. I never knew her name before, but it turned out that she was pretty nice so far as home wreckers go. In fact I do not think I ever met the other woman before, not knowingly.

The thing now seems to be trying to hide his money, but he is way behind the game from what I can tell. Mrs. Boss was not exactly quick to pull the trigger, instead she got all of the game laid out in front of her and then she sprang, or basically she dropped a ton of bricks on him. Of course the real truth is that the boss is really only the boss because his wife’s family decided he could be the boss. It is really up in the air as to whether or not he stays the boss after this. I suppose he is fairly good at what he does, but in fact we have other people who could do it just as well.