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Solid performance by Beverly: The Panthers finished 11th

“Oh,” she said, “classical dance has in many ways changed. Not so much rigidness now. It has become more flexible, and some of our best known dancers are responsible for it.” But for her own part she has trained in the absolute norms of the classical style.

supreme Snapbacks Jessica Ostrowski also finished fifth in the 2 mile in 11:29 and the Tanners 4×400 relay was fifth in 4:07.Solid performance by Beverly: The Panthers finished 11th overall with 20 points at the Division 2 state championships. Grace Sparkman was third in the shotput (35 9.25), Lexi Sutyak was fifth in the two mile (12:04), Tyler Orlandella was sixth in the high jump (5 0), Abby Walsh was sixth in the mile (5:19) and the 4×400 relay team finished fifth (4:12.33).Garcia sixth for Hamilton Wenham: Hamilton Wenham’s Daniela Garcia was sixth in the 55 meter dash with a time of 7.46 at the Division 5 state championship meet on Friday afternoon.BOYS HOCKEYDanvers 4, Concord Carlisle 1: Junior Tommy Mento had a goal and two assists to take over the North Shore scoring lead with 40 points on the season, guiding the Falcons (13 3 2) to a road win. Captain Rob Tibbetts, assistant captain Nic DiSciullo and Justin Nadeau also scored for the winners, who got two assists from Conor Purtell and singletons from Kris Mullaney, Tyler Puska and Colin Desmond. supreme Snapbacks

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supreme hats The bikes also has a throttle for”pedal assist power” that offersgreater speed with less effort.”You choose how much the bike works for you and how much you want to do yourself,” Levine said. “You don’t have to pedal;it’ll still move. It’s great for people with knee issues, weight issues, anything that keeps them from doing what they’d ordinarily like to do.”Most models rent for $25 per hour, $100 per day, or $400 for a week supreme hats.